Report of the Media Centre for the front

 Leaflet distributions, confrontations, and arrests in several cities of Alahwaz


In a report to the Media Centre of the AAPDPF, from several sources of our homeland come taht the situation in Alahwaz is too tense and there ir nervous of continued harassment and what our people face from the security forces and its occupation, as there is extensive action for young people of Ahwaz on the other hand, cluded leafleting, armed clashes and arrests in different regions, and also there is the militarization of the city of Ahwaz in particular, and in the hall region in general, and young people are waiting and expecting events such as what are expected to happen on 15th of April the anniversary of the Great Intifada and 20th of April the Anniversary of the Occupation |Day,  and the invitations that come from most of the Ahwazi parties and organizations and civil and independent groups, who are all called out for demonstrations in Occupied Alahwaz, as well as  in Eu Capitals and elsewhere.


The report pointed to several events during the past few days, including the arrest of more than 20 people from Alshobaisha, nearby neighborhood Alzorgan,  as well as an exchange of fire in Almohammara and Abadan Cities between " Katayeb Forsan Alnar Aaahwaziya"= Ahwazi Brigades of Knights fire and the security forces on Saturday twenty-sixth of February in the cities of Almohammara and Abadan.

 As stated in the report that there were 5 young Ahwazis arrestsed in the city of Soos during last few days. Also, the report indicates that the recent arrests in the neighborhood of Alzorgan and Alzowiya, included neighboring such as Alshobaisha, Kheit Alras and Shieban, and we are expecting more information coming behind this report.




'The Media Centre of

Ahwazi Arab People's Democratic, Popular Front

03 / 03 / 2011