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Reported by the Media Centre for the AAPDPF

Today, 17.02.2011 after two mornings, in only three district of Alahwaz City, at least 500 Ahwazi has been arrested by the Revolutionary Guards, 250 of them from Zorgan District.

The second report detailed that many women were included to the arrested people, many of them left home holding their children in arms.

The report mentioning that Iranian militia, played support role to control the whole district while the Revolutionary Guard attacks the houses to arrest young , elderly, women and children and insulting them by force to the armed buses while beating them by hand, boot and back of the machine guns.

No one told yet why is arrested but, but the category of  the arrested people show that  all the arrested people recently changed their religion from Shia to Sunni, and this, in shia  believes means leaving Islam!.

Hundreds of thousands of Ahwazis changed recently their religion as part of their struggle for their national rights.

We have received some of  the  arrested Ahwazis names, and expecting to receive more in future.


 The Media Center for the AAPDPF