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About the demonstration arranged by the organization outside the Iranian Embassy in London today 23.01.2011,

  A days after the successful Conference of the Oppressed Nations  Unity- Iran ((ONUI) in the University of London on Saturday 22nd, our demonstration against Iranian regime started at 1pm outside the Iranian Embassy on 23rd February 2011. This demonstration joined by the organization supporters and some of Conference Kurdish and Ahwazi members: Secretary General of the Party Serbesti Kurdistan (P S K) Mr. Aref Bawehjani and his Vice Chairman Mr. Ebrahim Jaf, Secretary General of The Arab Front for the Liberation of Alahwz Mr. Mahmoud Bashari and his central Committee member Mr. Sharhani.


The demonstration arranged as a part of the front's activities in the 21st anniversary of its founding on 20th, 04, 1990,

The protest began with flags of Alahwaz and Kurdistan fluttering at the door of the Persian racist Regime and left the place at 2.20pm.


As usual in our front, Ahwazi women played an effective practical role in this demonstration and there were more than ten females with their children joined and shared against the occupiers Embassy.  


Some of the Ahwazis came from far cities to London. They strongly believed that this is their national duty to show the world that they are not going to forgot their rights and will struggle for it and to tell the International society why they have ignored our rights in our homeland?.


Victory and liberation for our people,

Shame and down with occupiers.

Media Center for the AAPDPF

23 / 01 / 2011